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Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab

Located in an annex of the Montreux Jazz Café, in the southern part of the EPFL Pavilions building, the Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab is the most imposing of the devices designed by EPFL for listening, viewing and consulting the festival’s archives.

More than 5,000 concerts (14,000 tapes in total, 11,000 hours of video recording and 6,000 hours of audio recording) have been digitized and preserved as part of the Montreux Jazz Digital Project led by the EPFL Metamedia Center in collaboration with several laboratories. The Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab offers a total immersion in Montreux concerts and is open to the public. The Lab’s design is the work of the EPFL+ECAL Lab and the ALICE laboratory of the EPFL.

The Heritage Lab is designed so that about 20 people at a time can relive the Montreux Jazz concerts. It includes a large screen whose sophisticated geometry creates depth and gives viewers the impression of being close to the stage.