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Cyber Physical

Architecture in Real Time


At the intersection of art, technology and construction, Cyber Physical: Architecture in Real Time brings together four dynamic and immersive installations that reshape our perception of space by transforming virtual data into tangible and interactive kinetic sculptures. Through 3D projections, augmented reality and artificial intelligence, the exhibition allows publics to interact with ever-evolving architectural structures capable of listening, learning, and reshaping themselves in real time.

LightTank II at the Mariendom Linz.

Image courtesy and credit: F. Voggeneder, © 2018–2023.

LightWing II at Lentos Museum Linz.

Image courtesy of Authors, © 2019–2023.


Image courtesy of Authors, © 2022–2023.

LightScale II at the Mariendom Linz.

Image courtesy and credit: Y. Li, © 2017-2023.

Uwe Rieger & Yinan Liu.

The exhibition brings together, for the first time, the LightSeries ensemble — four dynamic installations that explore distinct aspects of cyber-physical architecture. Each one transforms the way we engage with architecture and space by creating environments that bring together tactile data, holographic narratives, and immersive soundscapes. LightScale II (2017) explores the interaction with spatial data while LightTank II (2018) merges digital and physical structures. LightWing II (2019) enables tangible navigation of digital space and the most recent work, LightSense (2022), delves into the intimate relationship between the user and an AI-integrated structure.

In captivating environments of light, sound and movement, Cyber Physical provokes new perspectives on the future of our built environment. Towards a prospect of an architecture that goes beyond functionality and aesthetics the exhibition unveils intimate, engaging and personalised experiences of space.

LightSeries was developed by Uwe Rieger and Yinan Liu at the arc/sec Lab for Cyber-Physical Design and Interactive Systems at the University of Auckland.

  • arc/sec

    The arc/sec Lab for Cyber-Physical Design and Interactive Systems is based at the University of Auckland. Led by Associate Professor Uwe Rieger and Technologist Yinan Liu, the Lab explores hybrid design strategies by fusing dynamic digital behaviour with the multisensory qualities of physical constructions. The Lab aims to build and test environments where the computer is not a separate tool but an integral part of the architectural envelope, seamlessly connecting the intangible computer world with human perceptions and intuitive forms of engagement. The arc/sec team works in different constellations and across diverse disciplines. This includes collaborations with experts in the fields of music, dance, bioengineering, medical science, business and computer science. Specific to the Lab is the use of large-scale prototypes and performative installations as the driving force for both the development and the communication of new hybrid design concepts.

  • Uwe Rieger

    Uwe Rieger studied Architecture in Berlin. He is the co-founder of the interdisciplinary group [kunst + technik] e. V. and the architecture office XTH-Berlin. His work focuses on responsive architectural systems using extended reality concepts. Since 2006 he has been Associate Professor at the University of Auckland, where he has established the arc/sec Lab for Cyber-Physical Design and Interactive Systems. His projects have been published internationally and exhibited at renowned institutions such as the National Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, the Museum of Modern Art Barcelona, the National Museum of Indonesia, the Venice Biennale, the World Expo 2000, the International Building Exhibition IBA in Germany, and the Ars Electronica Festival in Austria.

  • Yinan Liu

    Yinan Liu is a digital artist and programmer. She has completed her Master of Architecture at the University of Auckland. Yinan is a Research Associate at the arc/sec Lab, while also teaching at various institutions, including the University of Auckland, ShanghaiTech University, and the TU Graz. Her research focuses on creative AI and responsive environments, employing architectural scale prototypes and performances. As a part of the arc/sec Lab, Yinan has developed a number of artistic installations. Her work has been presented at international festivals and institutions such as the Ars Electronica Festival in Austria, Biela Noc in Slovakia, the Dutch Design Week, the Patch Lab Festival in Poland, SIGGRAPH Asia, Q-Theatre, and the Wallace Arts Trust in Auckland.

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