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Video: Uwe Rieger & Yinan Liu introduce the arc/sec Lab

Uwe Rieger and Yinan Liu introduce the arc/sec Lab and their research, in which the four installations of the 'Cyber Physical: Architecture in Real Time' exhibition originate.

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Led by Associate Professor Uwe Rieger and Technologist Yinan Liu, the arc/sec Lab of the University of Auckland conceives hybrid structures that merge dynamic digital environments with physical constructions. Therefore, the computer is not a separate tool but an integral part of the architectural envelope, seamlessly connecting the intangible computer world with human perceptions and intuitive forms of engagement. The laboratory collaborates with experts in the fields of music, dance, bioengineering, medical science, business and computer science to develop large-scale prototypes and performative installations.

Video: Julien Gremaud

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