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Video: The LightWing II installation

LightWing II offers a sensory and interactive experience of digital spaces. A delicate translucent wing, in the hands of the visitor, acts as an almost invisible screen that gives shape to 3D projections.

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By combining three-dimensional digital animations with a moving physical structure, LightWing II creates a sensory relationship between the user and a virtual environment, while also involving other visitors.

When manipulated, it immerses the user in virtual dreamlike environments — swarms of creatures, a silky bubble, a velvet vortex or a forest of dandelions — that come to life and react to the slightest of its oscillations.

LightWing II is an installation that offers as collective experience, a hybrid space that is at once tangible and immaterial, in which visitors sail into delicate and poetic tridimensional digital environments.

Video: Julien Gremaud

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